Best Practices for Keeping Cody Extension and AI Models Up-to-Date in VS Code

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using the Cody extension for Visual Studio Code and find it extremely beneficial for my development work. However, I want to ensure that I’m always using the latest versions ofthe different languages and frameworks.

Could anyone share the best practices for staying up-to-date with Cody and its various AI models?

For example: using the latest Python and Django version

Hello @SJSchneider

There are several options available to you.

One is to utilize OpenCtx by Sourcegraph, which retrieves context from various providers, including For a more comprehensive understanding, visiting is recommended.

Alternatively, you could use another Visual Studio Code extension called Cody Architect, available on the Visual Studio Marketplace which integrates with Cody. This extension can perform web searches using natural language queries and is capable of scraping publicly available PDFs, converting them into a format friendly to LLMs.

I hope this will be of help.