Bug: "File to large. Type @# to choose a symbol"

From Discord:
I have reported this bug before. However now, It wont let me send files I should be able to send by force , I can’t select it. The file in question is 138 lines, 5kb in size and 807 tokens, there should be no problem sending it. Currently many of my files I can’t reference with @ because of this issue. Sense I don’t use Cody’s enhanced context (due to certain reasons), the only way I’m able to give context is directly through @ . This is a major disruption in work flow , and hope it can get addressed soon. I am on the pre-release version. When I tried to switch to release version, to be able to keep working with Cody, I encountered another bug: “Can’t install release version of ‘Cody AI’ extension because it has no release version.” So currently I am stuck.

This should be fixed on:
Chat: improve @mentions on input by abeatrix · Pull Request #3606 · sourcegraph/cody · GitHub and Chat: allow large file with range in @-mentions by abeatrix · Pull Request #3619 · sourcegraph/cody · GitHub




This is not fixed. I keep getting the same error… and the file has only 75 lines. I am a paid member. Also, there is no settings where I can check or change number of lines or size of data that is allowed.

Hello @hpn1975.

I understand your concern. Given that it’s the weekend, the support team may be smaller. Are you encountering the “File too large” error in a new chat as well? It’s possible that in a lengthy conversation, adding a file could exceed the remaining context capacity.
Try narrowing it down by adding a line number range. If the error persists, please report a bug Issue

if start a new chat window, everything works well, it’s the old chat window exceed the context length even just referencing a code file that only has five lines, how could we fix this by not create a new chat window?

Hello @shallker and welcome.

You can have Cody summarize the conversation, highlighting the key information. This summary can then be saved to a file or copied directly into a new chat window. Personally, I tend to favor storing it in a documentation file or keeping the conversation succinct and to the point.

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