Cody and ChatGPT. Need to be logged into ChatGPT?

When using Cody, it gives you choices of which AI to use.
Am I supposed to be logged into that AI as well, such as ChatGPTo for example?

To utilize Cody with various LLM providers, there is no need to log in to their respective services.
Cody consolidates all the LLMs provided within the extension.


Thank you for letting me know this. The main reason I ask is because even using the pro version, I get warnings to use @ mention and exceeding limits which I thought there were none of with pro.
I’m also experiencing something odd, where the chat just stops, it won’t respond to anything. I can start a new chat or go back to an old one and even restarting vsc does nothing. It eventually starts responding again, sometimes hours later, sometimes the next day.

I thought this was probably related to not being logged in so going past some sort of limitation.