How do you make Cody making modifications across multiple files at the same time?

I really like the Cody edit function: select the whole content in a file and submit a request for a refactor then it will do the magic. But sometimes we need to refactor across multiple files, how can I select multiple files and submit a refactor request, then let Cody change the code simultaneously across various files?

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Hey @shallker great question. Right now, it isn’t possible but I will make sure the product team sees this in the weekly community feedback report.

What other features are you enjoying? How can they be better?

I would really love to see this feature. in my opinion it’s so critical - i really don’t know how it wasn’t done yet. it’s so simple to implement, yet i think it’s a real game changer.

imagine just telling cody:
add a ajax form to this page, and cody would add some css to the css file, some html / php / jsx to the current file, and some ajax related functions to another file in one go… isn’t it a life changer?

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Also - it would be great to be able to tell cody to edit a file from the chat. so for example i ask cody:

how would i make this function more secure and cody answers, and i ask him, but maybe this way? and he answers, and then i tell him:
great. do that.

A life changer in my opinion.

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