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I’m not sure if it is a Cody problem or a GPT-4o problem :frowning:

I tried to let Cody optimize my Readme.md file, but the output isn’t in Markdown format. I usually chat with it and ask: “Optimize the readme.md. output in Markdown format” with the readme.md as context. It then starts to print the result in Markdown, but after a few lines, it switches back to the usual output.

Is there a way to get a readme.md in markdown format?


It’s a rendering problem. It outputs the markdown in code blocks (as it uses markdown itself for all its formatting), but then it inserts code blocks in the markdown output and the formatter gets confused between what’s intended to be display formatting and what’s part of the readme.

Copy the entire response with the button at the bottom and paste it into an empty file, your full content should be there.

I don’t have a copy button for the whole response. Only the code blocks have a copy button :frowning:

Actually, I can copy all manually, but I lose all the markdown formatting and have to add them after pasting.

Strange, you’re right I’m not seeing it now either, but I do see a banner saying “Cody updated to v1.26”. Maybe they removed it? I hope it comes back soon, it’s very much needed especially in situations like this.

I will let the product team know. Thanks for reporting!

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