Broken functionality when adding repository too context on

sourcegraph labs lets me use it just fine and it works as intended until I add a repository, as soon as I select a repo for context I can no longer press the send button at all as soon as I take the repo off the context option I can send the message again just fine I recorded a short video too show what I’m experiencing ( I don’t need support for this just giving helpful feedback for fixing the code ) thank you for being a great team sourcegraph is the very best

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Thank you for the valuable feedback @Rims-Naps! cc @ado

Hi @Rims-Naps - Thank you sharing. The issue is that the particular repo, we were not able to pull relevant context. I am working on addressing this, and should hopefully have a fix in the next day or so.

Thanks again for reporting!

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you’re very welcome sir
when it’s working properly Cody AI is a very powerful tool in vs code

I’m proud to say I’m a cody pro user and there’s not another AI tool out there that I would pay for, nothing else competes to the quality and capabilities provided by Cody AI and I truly mean that

keep up the good work guys!