Can't select specific amount of code if outside the window

When Sourcegraph generates a lengthy response, I often encounter difficulty in selecting only a specific portion of the code. The interface fails to scroll smoothly, hindering my ability to efficiently choose the desired code snippet. Consequently, I frequently find myself unable to avoid selecting the entire code, which is not my intention in most cases.

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Could you confirm what you are using (VS Code, Neovim etc)?
Are you waiting unto the AI has completed what it is saying?
Is it always not smooth or does it start when you chatted with the bot for a bit?

The title of your issues doesn’t seem to be the same as what your description of the issue is.

I noticed with VSCode after chatting with the bot for a bit it starts to become less smooth and kinda laggy but I expect this due to the fact it has been a long conversation.

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I am using: IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1 (Ultimate Edition)

After Sourcegraph generates a response, it often extends beyond the viewable screen, making it challenging to select a specific code block due to the lack of scrolling functionality. Consequently, I’m only able to select the entire response, rather than isolating a particular code segment.

Gonna guess you tried the good old uninstall plugin and re-install and etc?

I never used IntelliJ IDEA so sadly I can’t help you further then that suggestion, hopefully someone else can though.

Hey @mylastore is it possible to share a screenshot that I can then send to the product team?