Small bugs feedback + review

New user here, and I’m very enthusiastic about the AI’s capabilities. It’s working exceptionally well and can handle many processes that other AI models can’t do, even with the same models. The setup itself is well done, and the responsives is very fast, keep this functioning is very important, apart from some GUI issues I’m experiencing, this is .

  1. When my project can’t be indexed, I get an annoying notification claiming my project isn’t indexed because I’m not using Git. However, I deliberately choose not to use Git. I don’t understand why I receive this notification every time I open my editor in VSCode. I’ve tried turning it off, but it doesn’t work, and I still receive it.

  2. When I use the chat and select a code, the attached selected code is only attached to the chat during the first session. When I continue using the chat and select something different, it cannot be sent to the chat, so I always have to open a new chat.

  3. The Insert function is not replacing the code as expected, but rather inserting the new code after the selected code in the editor. I assume that when I select a code, it should be replaced, similar to how it works in other editors on the market. As familiar with this functionality, I find it very easy to use. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but it’s a feature that is definitely needed.

When Cody chat is open and I try to open a new file, the new file opens in the right chat screen instead of the left screen where all my tabs are. I believe I should be able to open my files on the same screen. I think this is happening because the chat does not use a sidebar window but an editor window in VSCode. I feel that the sidebar window could be a better solution to avoid interfering with other open tabs or new tabs. I understand this may not be a priority, but I am providing this feedback for future reference. Additionally, the font size inside the chat is too small.

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Thank you for the feedback! All noted.

For 1, we’ve fixed that in the prerelease build. To use the prerelease build of Cody in the VS Code marketplace, just right-click on it in the extension panel and choose Switch to Pre-Release Version.

All of the others: we are on it!