Sidebar Chat in VSCode

Hello! I’ve been using Cody-Pro quite frequently lately.
So far, I’ve experienced many benefits, but there’s one significant drawback in my opinion, which is that Cody chat can’t be opened in the sidebar like Codeium/Copilot.
Cody has to be opened via a new window, which means every time I switch workspaces, I have to spawn a new window of Cody :frowning:

Hi @MasRama this is something we are working on! Chat in sidebar by sqs · Pull Request #4408 · sourcegraph/cody · GitHub

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NICE ONE! thank you, hope it will get released very soon

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The new PR for this is Chat in sidebar by beyang · Pull Request #4535 · sourcegraph/cody · GitHub and it will be merged soon.


hi, i see its merged now but i still cant use the sidebar chat pls help me :frowning:

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any update? did you get it to work? also do we need to make changes in vs code settings to enable this or is there any setting in cody itself?