Text Overflow in VS Code's Cody Chat: Missing Word Wrap Since Latest Update

When I open Cody in the VS Code sidebar, the chat text doesn’t wrap, requiring me to widen the sidebar significantly to read the full text.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

This issue started with the latest update; previous versions didn’t have this problem.

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Hey @lars_32120 it is fixed just waiting to be released!

Sounds very good ! :+1:

@jdorfman was this released? I’m on 1.14.0 and facing what seems to be the same issue. Can’t even scroll sideways to read the overflowing text.

@harumon @lars_32120 v1.16.0 just dropped. Update your Cody extension and you should be good to go.

Please report back.

Hey @harumon just wanted to follow up on this. Are you still having the issue?

Hey @jdorfman I was having this issue on 1.14.0 but it seems updating to 1.16.0 has fixed this issue for myself atleast.

Was gonna report it but then 1.16.0 dropped which fixed it.

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Awesome thanks for the heads up @Yusarina!

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@jdorfman The issue seems to be fixed in 1.16.0. Now a horizontal scrollbar appears in the code snippet box if the content overflows. Text outside the code snippet box is no longer cut off and wraps properly. Good stuff!

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