Cody indexing workspace how to

I recently started using Git locally for my project, although I hadn’t used it before. How can I verify if my code is being indexed and integrated into the chat as a resource?

As I can see, Cody will only create an embedding if I create a remote repository. Is there any action I can trigger to start the process? I wasn’t using a repository before.

Also, can you tell me if I create a local repository acting like a remote one, with a URL for pushing and pulling, will this work? And if not, why not?

The chat should have a sign to indicate if I’m using my repository as a resource or not.

Additionally, I don’t see any indexing process inside VSCode.

Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be a stop button when I use the chat to generate.

I saw something in the lower right of vs code saying that it was indexing/making embeddings, it seemed to happen when first opening the repository. Supposedly it happens once every 24 hours also. I think it happens locally on our machines, so I’m not sure why it requires a remote repository, but I think they’ve said that requirement might be removed eventually? I would appreciate some way to check the status of the indexing/embedding when clicking the cody icon in the lower right, or somewhere too.

I asked for this feature (to be brought back) a few days ago. Previously, Cody used to give the percentage of indexing that was completed. It was very useful, because sometimes, especially when working with tricky build configurations over SSH on a remote server (devcontainers as well), Cody fails to index or create embeddings, and there’s no way to understand that if it silently fails. I had Cody report indexing completed on a fairly large code base but since I could see the process, I could understand that it was too quick to be true.
So let me repeat my request: please bring back some indication of embeddings and indexing status and at least provide some info on how long it took to complete so that we can figure out if something does not look right. It would help users catch bugs and report too!

Pretty please? (I mean you had this in place before!)

Here it is, sorry to be annoying and repetitive :slight_smile: