Cody can't access my repo in VSCode

I’m new to Cody, trying it out for the first time. It finished indexing my code, but still can’t access it, as this chat shows:

I tried to restart VScode, also tried to delete the files from C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\com.sourcegraph.cody\embeddings\st-v1 but no go. Please help!

I saw in your screenshot that Cody fetched 11 files from your repository. What kind of files are these? Are they coming from your repository?

If yes, then Cody seems to have access to the files. Try to specify your questions more in detail about the repository.

Yes, the sources are from my repo, but the answers don’t seem to reference them. When I get more specific, Cody says a version of “I don’t know”. Too bad.