Cody search index seems to be out of date

It looks like the search index for my work directory is out of date. How do I regenerate it?

Why I think it’s out of date: when I start a chat, the “Context” lists 24 items. Some of these are files that I renamed days ago, and clicking on them doesn’t go anywhere.

If you are using VS Code then follow this guide:

  1. Go into the Command Palette through Ctrl + Shift + P or Cmd + Shift + P
  2. Search with the following query: Cody: Update search index
  3. Confirm with enter/return

A pop-up message should appear stating that Cody updates the index. Now your files should be up-to-date after the indexing is ready.

If you’re committing your changes regularly the indexing process should trigger automatically.

Thanks, but it looks like there’s still a problem. After running “Update search index” multiple times, I’m still seeing references to specific ranges in a file that I deleted a long time ago (and I checked in the delete). I commit my changes to git multiple times a day and the project has been heavily refactored.

Is there a file I can delete manually?