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Question from Soratex on Discord:
Hello, I want cody to be aware of the files in my project folder. In fact I just need it to be aware of 3 specific files at the same time every time I start a chat. I am using a local git so no remote url. How can I achieve this? I have a pro sub.

you can make Cody aware of your project files. Just ensure that the “Enhanced Context” option is checked on in your chat settings. This will help Cody to understand the context better.

Also, you can use the @-mention feature to point Cody to specific files you want it to be aware of. Just type “@” followed by the file name at the start of your chat. This should do the trick!

If you need more guidance you can check this selecting contexts on our docs.

How do you check the “Enhanced Context” option in the CS Code extension? I looked for this option but didn’t find it.

Hey Lars! In the CS Code extension, you should see the “Enhanced Context” option as shown in the screenshot.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 12.55.25 PM

Also try @-mentioning specific lines to improve accuracy. Hope this helps!


And this option is available in version 1.10.1?

I click on the gear icon in the Cody AI extension in VS Code.

I select “Extension Settings”

I scan all the settings and the only one related to context is " Cody: Use Context" where I can make a selection in a drop down menu.

There is unfortunately no “Enhanced Context” option available.

What can I be doing wrong?

The @-mentioning specific lines works fine :+1:

You find this option in the Chat window.
Open a chat via ALT + L directly from an editor window, via the Cody Symbol on the top right of an Editor window or in the Cody Sidebar.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks !

Of course - it appear clicking the Cody symbol in the actual chat window.

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Thanks @PriNova ! @lars_32120 as @PriNova said you should see it on the chat. Look for the thing that looks like a sprakling emoji.