New way of specifying context in v1.20 (feedback)

Cody for VS Code v1.20 has a new way of specifying context (which repositories and files Cody looks in when generating the response).

  • Previously, there was an “enhanced context” menu in the chat input field with a toggle and some settings.
  • In v1.20, we simplified it so it’s all just @-mentions, and new chats by default start by @-mentioning the current repository and file.
    • There’s also a new “Try again with different context:” to help you improve Cody’s response if it’s not helpful.

See the release blog post Cody for VS Code v1.20: New chat UX plus automatic context retrieval for more info.

Please share your feedback (good and bad) on this so we can make Cody better!

Some reports of UI lagginess in long chats on Discord: Discord.