Delphi user wanting to know if it is available

Hi, I am a Delphi user, does Cody cater for Delphi, i.e. Pascal , i cant seem to find any reference

Hi there @MaverickCT.

Cody works best with languages that have a lot of open source code available, but in theory should work with any programming language. With OpenCtx, you could pass in relevant docs for Pascal, Delphi, or other languages and potentially get higher quality responses, but I always recommend to developers to try it themselves and see. The results may surprise you in good ways.

The first thing i understand to using Cody is to get the cody extention for the Delphi development platform
where would I get something like that

At the moment we don’t have support for the Delphi IDE. I will pass the feedback to our product team though.

Thank you, that would be awesome