How to ask Cody about Cody?

I’m new to Cody, consequently I’m making frequent trips to search engines and the docs to find out how to do thing X, which is often small. This is pretty high friction, so the end result is I often just skip the whole endeavour and don’t use Cody for my task of the moment. I don’t want to pay the price of losing track of why I’m trying to figure out Cody-for-thing-X, and realising I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes not working on why I’m here today.

So, how do I “Hey Cody, …”

  • show me the most used Cody keyboard shortcuts
  • how do turn off markdown linting for this file?
  • how to ignore only this markdown lint rule?
  • where’s the Cody forum?
  • how do I move, change, or remove the little :-) Cody popup in the editor that keeps moving my code blocks around?
  • …etc

ummm, no? ; -)

Pairing @ with a question feels like it should work. I think it’s actually close to being able to work, but it needs pages with actual content to use for a source.

Hey @maphew, you make excellent points. I will ensure the product team sees this in the weekly community feedback report!

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