Introducing Token Indicators in Cody Chat Webview: Seeking Your Feedback!

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to share a new feature I’m working on for the Cody Chat view in VS Code, and I would love to gather your feedback before it gets merged into the main branch.

What’s New?

I have implemented a Token Indicator that displays the remaining tokens available for your chat inputs. This feature aims to enhance your experience by providing real-time feedback on your token usage.

Why This Feature?

  1. Awareness: Keep track of your token usage to manage your input length effectively.
  2. Prevention: Avoid exceeding token limits, which can lead to errors or message truncation.
  3. Feedback: Receive immediate feedback on token consumption, encouraging concise and efficient communication.
  4. Transparency: Gain visibility into system constraints and usage, enhancing trust and usability.

How It Works

The Token Indicator will be visible in the chat interface, updating dynamically as you send messages. It will show the remaining tokens for different categories, such as chat, user, and enhanced tokens, ensuring you are always informed about your usage.

I Need Your Feedback!

Before I finalize this feature, I want to hear from you. Your insights and suggestions are invaluable to me. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • How useful do you find the Token Indicator in managing your chat inputs?
  • Is the information provided by the Token Indicator clear and helpful?
  • Do you have any suggestions for improving this feature?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in this thread. Your input will help me refine the feature and ensure it meets your needs.

Thank you for your time and contributions!

Best regards, PriNova

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A few thoughts on the user interface.
P.s. this is purely my vision.

I would prefer a more unobtrusive one and to be able to hide.

  1. The font, the color and the size like the “try again with different context” message.
  2. The color for the fields (blue now) is accordingly the same:
    stroke - color like the text input field. And the background is the color of the normal background (dark gray now). The stripe is filled - the text input color is filled too.

Of course, the colors should not be hardcoded, but taken dynamically from the user’s theme, as Cody does himself.

  1. it would be desirable that this information could be hidden as a model selection window - like a drop-down box.

It would be better to place it in the right part, tied to the button to send a prompt (Play Button), just below to hold constantly. This is both logical and convenient, because on the left side we have a model selection window - a drop-down list. This way they will not intersect with each other.

Chat, User, Context - better in the form of icons.
We have a chat icon (cody), a context icon (sparkles) and a user icon can be in the form of a smiley face. When hovering over the icon write what it means
Motivation: less useful space, easier to perceive.

I generally think that AIs generate too much text and would like information to be presented more often with color and color highlights and symbols where possible.

It’s only me, feel free to skip the feadback if you mind :slight_smile:

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