JetBrains Cody Show Diff not working

I have noticed that the Cody: Show Diff action in JetBrains IDEs (I’m using and experience this issue on both paid versions of GoLand and PyCharm) does not work. I made a GitHub issue for this with further details and the JetBrains logs.

Can you please take a look and get this resolved when possible. Thanks in advance!
corresponding GitHub issue: Cody Show Diff doesn't work · Issue #62752 · sourcegraph/sourcegraph · GitHub

Thank you!!!

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Hey @DataDavD

Can you please try the latest nightly build and see if that resolves it? I will send your bug report to the product team.

Sure thing. Just downloaded and tried, and no luck :frowning_face:

thank you

Bummer! I appreciate you trying. Ok, I’ll keep you posted when I hear back from our end.

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No problem. Thank you for helping dig into this quickly!

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