Line height issue

This is changing based on editor font size, but it doesn’t respect the editor line height

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Hey @Srini-B is this for the commit message feature or all Cody interactions?

In the meantime I will get some eyes on this.

Looks like vs code doesn’t expose their line-height config value. Will file an issue

Our team is digging in. That you for reporting :slight_smile:

Not specific to commit message. Any response I get has this issue. In this case I just added some files and asked to generate a message. I use font size 20, line height 2, font. Another example @jdorfman

Also after a syntax level highlight is missing

Hi @Srini-B apologies for the delay. What font are you using?

This will require a bug report. React should have proper syntax highlighting.

The one on the image is Cascadia code font. I’ve seen it happen on other fonts like victor mono, JetBrains mono. It goes back to normal if i use default font size and line height. I think its due to chat window is modelled after editor window. if it was a sidebar app it should be ok i guess

We are having a debate inside about chat being in a window or sidebar. Which side are you on?

I’m team sidebar. Because I don’t close my sidebar, so switching it between project structure, git, debugger while editor is open seems natural to me

i am having same issue here, any solution to fix this?

Fixed the line-height issue in fix chat line-height and font-size by sqs · Pull Request #4477 · sourcegraph/cody · GitHub. Will be in the prerelease build on the VS Code marketplace soon.

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