Ease of use - VS Code vs Jetbrains plugins

When I was using the plugin in VS Code, I could highlight a stanza of code and Cody would chat about it. With the Jetbrains plugin (v5.5.9) I have to type @pathToFile:line-numbers to get the same. Is that an unimplemented feature or is there some setting in Jetbrains that I need to twiddle with?

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@mdhender does it still happen with v5.5.10?

Yes, this is still an issue with 5.5.10. I still have to type the @pathToFile:line-number into the Cody box in Jetbrains. Even if I right click and pop up the context menu, there’s no option to Chat about the highlighted text.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 8.51.51 PM

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@mdhender I’m digging in


It looks like this is a feature gap. When you highlight code in VSC and then start a chat, Cody uses the highlighted code as context. In JB, Cody uses a lot more context. Thanks for flagging, I’ll make a note of it!