Maximum privacy mode?

Hey team!

As far as I know, for embeddings and for search, Cody sends data at least to the Open AI server and, when executing commands, to its servers and the provider’s servers (for example, also openai).

  1. Suppose I have several files with keys or some other private data that I do not want to be processed outside of my PC in any way - how can I achieve this with Cody settings?

  2. Suppose I don’t want ANY data to leave my computer at all. I intend to use ollama for the model and I saw in the Cody documentation how to configure it to be used. But surely embeddings and (maybe something else) will still send data to the server?
    How do I set up the config so as to achieve maximum privacy?

May there be an option to make embeddings within my PC?

I switched to Cody from Continue, it could be arranged there.

If you want maximum safety then the best is to set the option cody.Use Context other than blended or embeddings. Toggle Autocomplete off and configure your firewall to block all of VS Code internet access during programming.

Another suggestion is not to store files with keys or sensitive data in your project folder. Store sensible data in a sec-lock crypted folder in whatever environment you are working.

And if you are unsure already, switch off internet.

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