Public SourceGraph code search does not find my public github repo anymore

I have added a “chat to this repo” batch to my public repo:

It links to:

This used to work (after a login), but now it does not find the repo anymore and this message appears:
“To access this repository, contact the Sourcegraph admin”

Also in the public Sourcegraph this repo is not visible anymore.


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Sorry about this, thank you for flagging. We have ensured your repository has been re-added to the index. We’re also looking into making the repo chat more obvious when a user opens the “Chat with my repo” link, thanks for linking to us!


The same issue affects pretty much ever other “non-popular” repo on github (repo with < 20 stars). Is this a new systematic change, that we can only search popular repos? Do I need to upgrade to a pro plan in order to search all repos?