Purchase Pro plan, still my profile is using free tier

I have bought the pro plan today, still i am not able to use pro membership. still it is showing the free plan, with message that contact with support team

Is it showing the Unlimited Tier in your account here: Cody Manage - Sourcegraph

If it is try signing out and back into Cody in VS Code (Or the IDE of your choice) as this fixed the issue for me originally.

Also make sure you are signed into the correct account, I know it sounds silly but I had a couple of people who forgot there signed up with google and github, had pro via github login but was singing in with google.

If it isn’t or continues you might be better emailing pro support as this could be more for the support team: support@sourcegraph.com

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Hey @shwetapan did @Yusarina solution work for you?

@jdorfman i have done the payment with debit card, the reciept and invoice generated successfully but still the plan showing free tier. didn’t get updated to cody pro. i have contact with support team. not sure what’s going on the platform.

Hey @shwetapan, I can confirm that you do have a Cody Pro account. Did you sign out and sign back in? As @Yusarina said, that usually fixes it.

We do have an engineer looking into this, but that is the workaround for now.

@jdorfman i tried all the solution suggested by @Yusarina still getting the same issue of free trial,

Ok I will get support to respond via email so there is no PII data exposed.

@jdorfman i have emailed you with few more doubts, can you please check

Hi @shwetapan, someone will respond ASAP. They are still reviewing the case. :slight_smile:

thanks a lot @jdorfman can i get the on call support from the team ?