Turn off Discourse channel Chat System

I am unsure if you guys know this but discourse has an chat system which has different channels users can chat in. However it might be a good idea to remove/ turn this system off if this is just going to be a normal support forum and you are not going to actively monitor this system.

This is because users may try and get help via this system (Like someone was on Saturday) but if the system is not being actively monitored then it can lead to users getting “annoyed” thinking this system is a active support system or something.

However if your planning to use this system it maybe a good idea to have someone actively monitor this system.

Yup turned it off earlier this afternoon. Is it still showing up for you?

Must of done it after I posted this, the bubble to open it is still there, but the chat system itself is no longer shows.

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Ok I unchecked it :man_facepalming: How about how?

Yep it’s gone now :slight_smile:

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