Forums Feedback: Have a FAQ and Useful Links Post

It might be a good idea to have a FAQ post which at least basic questions and answers which are asked constantly.

It may also be a good idea to have a useful links post with useful links, like to the docs or how to install Cody and etc.

Great idea (you are full of them) I started putting them in the footer. What’s missing IYO.

Sorry for the late reply, been busy the last few days.

Though having some of the more recent FAQ in the footer is a ok idea, I meant more a sticky thread with a bunch of the FAQ and useful links to things. (There can link to other posts if needs be as well).

The problem about these being in the footer is if you get a lot of posts unless you change the default settings of discourse you will get to the point where new posts will keep loading making it hard to click the links in the footer and is kinda the reason alot of companies who use discourse don’t even bother adding a footer.

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Got it.

@PriNova @Kynlo is this something one of you was working on or moving over from Discord? I swear we had something and I can’t find it.

I would be adding a FAQ section in the ‘Categories’. There we can import the ‘Expert-Guides’ from the Discord and stick them in the overview.
What you all think?

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That is a good way of doing it, also having a separate category for this and having separate posts in the FAQ category will make things more searchable then having them in just one post.

Let’s go with “Expert Guides” under Cody Support. I’m still having mixed feelings about categories but with Cody having so many different touch points I don’t think tags alone can make a good UX case.

I believe Netlify does it right. Thanks @Yusarina for the direction.

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No worries, I do think you need some categories as I said in the other post. I think tags alone will provide a bad UX experience as you said.

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