Forums feedback: Have spilt categories or tags for Cody Pro and Cody Free

It might be a good idea to either have spilt categories (Or tags) for Cody free users and Cody Pro users. This will allow users to find posts relating to their tier easier and allow support to know what tier the user is on.

I know pro users can email support, however community support and help should also be encouraged for the more simple issues or just basic help with Cody and have spilt categories or tags would also help with this.

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@task_tamer I created new tags

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Nice! should we be prioritizing the ones tagged as pro?

First come first serve. They can email support@ if they need immediate help.

Nice to see the new tags!

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Yes, @sqs and I have been working on making the forum easier to use. We still have some things to figure out, but we are progressing!

@Yusarina I value your Discourse expertise, should we have a Cody Support category or just put everything under Forum and use tags only? That is a debate my team is having.

All honestly it should be set up similar to how other forums works.

You should have main categories for example

----- VS Code (Sub Category)
----- Sub category 2 (Sub Category)
-----Website Feedback (Sub Category)
----- Forums Feedback (Sub category)
----- Cody Feedback (If possible link to github).

Something like the above for example, put your sub categories where there need to go. Tags should be used so the user can mark something important like if there using vs code, if there a free user or a pro and etc and shouldn’t really be used to indicate what part of the forum there posting in as this may cause confusion to new users.

It might be a good idea to look at other discourses such as the Ubuntu one, this Netlify one, the Zoom one to get ideas on how there laid stuff out as well. You will see the general way of doing stuff is having your main categories out and easy to see, then have your sub categories (LIke your vs code in support and etc). Then most of these sites uses tags for the important stuff.

Also if possible (I can not remember if it is in discourse as it’s been years since I seen the admin side) add category links which links to where someone would need to go to report something like the Cody Feedback/ reporting bugs and etc like I have in the example.

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Ok I love Zoom’s


Category structure

and Netlify

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. This is very helpful.

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I thought giving some examples would help, there are plenty out there similar to these as well. Hopefully it will help guys get this discourse sorted :slight_smile:

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