Forums Feedback: Open up to categories instead to latest posts

When a user opens up the forums it currently defaults them to the latest posts which isn’t good for several reasons it would be a better idea if it defaulted the user to categories so the user can choose which category or tag there want to view.

One of the main reasons I suggest this is because if a user opens a new topic in the latest posts, it will automatically default to the general category instead of the category there want. Due to experience with forums this will end up with a lot of posts in general which will make it harder for users to use the search function.

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Hello Yusarina,

The setting you mentioned is user-defined. Navigate to your profile settings and select the ‘Interface’ tab. There, you can adjust the default behavior of how the forum appears.

I understand this, but I still think by default it should go to the categories as new users may not know how to change this and I can foresee this will cause issues in the future as it has on other forums.

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You are right; this does make sense.

We will consider your valuable suggestion.
Thank you for your insights.

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Good call @Yusarina

Did I do this right?


Yesh that is exactly what i meant :slight_smile:

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