Usage examples (feedback on new experimental feature)

We’re working on a new usage examples feature for Cody that shows you idiomatic usage examples, drawn from package sources and real-world usage across 1M+ repositories in the index.


  • “A usage example is worth 1,000 lines of documentation”
  • Seeing how a function is actually used in your code or high-quality open source code is super valuable

Try it:

  1. Install Cody for VS Code
  2. In your VS Code user settings, set "cody.experimental.noodle": true
  3. On any function, type, or other symbol in a TypeScript file (.ts or .tsx) that comes from an npm package, right-click > Cody > Usage Examples (or run Cody Command: Usage Examples in the VS Code command palette).
  4. Look in the Cody chat window for usage examples. Expand the context to see select real-world usages.

Known issues:

  • Currently only works in TypeScript files for symbols defined in public npm packages.
  • Sometimes it will fail to find usages (and show an error). Please report these cases here! Known problematic cases: react
  • It currently only works if VS Code’s go-to-definition works on the symbol.
  • The usage examples are generated by AI and may be incorrect. We are working on ways to improve this. Please report any incorrect or unhelpful usage examples you see.
  • Only works in Cody Free/Pro (not Enterprise). Tell us if you want this in your Cody Enterprise!

Please post your feedback and suggestions on the usage examples experimental feature here. Thanks!