Auto-complete limit popping up with Jetbrains plugin

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 2.53.22 PM

The thing is I haven’t been using Cody so heavily today. I’ve had the IDE open for maybe 5 hours. Cody thinks that it’s working hard because I’m rewriting a package and and it is going wild with bad auto-complete suggestions. I’ve been ignoring most of the suggestions because they are based on outdated context. FWIW, I do have the pro account and Chat is still working great AND auto complete is still working, so the warning is weird but not stopping me from coding.

I’ve been getting this daily since installing v6.0.3 of the plugin. I’d really like to be able to turn off auto-complete when I know that it won’t be helpful. I think that you’d appreciate users being able to reduce resource usage.

How about documenting stuff like that if it exists?

To keep the gripe-train rolling, I don’t see any comprehensive documentation on the plugin. There are bits and pieces in blogs and e-mails and shout outs about some keyboard combos, but nothing. How about telling us everything the product can do in one place, minus the marketing speak, just the functionality and keyboard shortcuts?

To add to the frustration, the Documentation link from the plugin is broken.

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