JetBrains Commit Message Autocomplete doesn't work

JetBrains Cody Pro Autocomplete in the JetBrains commit message window does not work. It shows the autocomplete suggestion, but the default shortcuts and custom shortcuts does not actually execute and complete the statement using the Cody Autocomplete suggestion. I detailed more of this issue in the corresponding GitHub bug/issue I created; I also provided the detailed JetBrains logs as well.

GitHub issue: Cody JetBrains IDE Commit Msg Autocomplete Bug · Issue #62707 · sourcegraph/sourcegraph · GitHub

Can you please take a look at this issue and try and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!!!

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FYI I was told by Sourcegraph support they didn’t think this was available in JetBrains which felt odd given the key/shortcut option is there. Anyone have experience with getting this to work? I would expect that given the commit window is basically extension of editor window that you would be able to accept the shown autocomplete suggestion.

can you share that shortcut? Unless there is an easter egg we do not support this feature.

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its just the select autocomplete shortcut which is supported (although I changed them and verified they both work as expected in normal editor). The commit message window is basically just an editor window so makes sense why I see the suggested autocomplete from Cody. That’s why I said its weird given the suggestion is shown but I can’t select.

Hey @jdorfman did you see my reply? Was it helpful?

It is possible because JetBrains’ own AI Assistant can do it, and there are open source plugins to do the same, which the Cody team can study.


We will need to dig into this. Going to create an issue for our product team.

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Awesome, thank you @jdorfman