[BUG] VSCode Pre-release: Cody's Formatter Removes XML Doc Comment tags

I hope its okay to report bugs here.

A bug occurs in the pre-release version that doesn’t happen in the release version. Cody removes XML documentation comment elements. I see the LLM respond with the tags: <summary> , <param> , <returns> , and <remarks> however during the formatting when the response is getting streamed to the chat, the tags are removed by Cody. To reproduce you can try the following:
I have the following custom command I use for C# asp.net code:

"document-code": {
    "prompt": "For this snippet of code your task is to write comment based coding documentation. Return only the comment, do not include the code. example being: /// <summary> /// Updates a product using JSON Patch operations. /// </summary> /// <param name=\"productID\">The ID of the product to update.</param> /// <param name=\"patchDocument\">The JSON Patch document containing the update operations.</param> /// <returns>The updated product.</returns> /// <remarks> /// The JSON Patch document should follow the JSON Patch specification (RFC 6902). /// It allows for modifying the product's properties, including arrays.",
    "context": {
      "codebase": false,
      "selection": true

Now with this custom command make a code selection and use it, you should see the tags <summary> , <param> , <returns> , and <remarks> being removed by Cody from the response on the pre-release version.

Now try the same custom command on release version, you should see the LLM respond with the tags without issue.

Thanks guys!

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Hey @dobo_j, thanks for posting this. We can’t support pre-release versions of Cody. They’re for our engineering team to test upcoming features. :slight_smile:

You can use them, but if something breaks, we won’t have the time to investigate it since it’s not a stable release.

Thanks Justin. The reason for the reports on pre-release is so bugs don’t carry over to the release version. At least that’s why I’ve been reporting them so far, when I come across them.