XML rendering broken (Cody VSC v1.16.7)

Problem: Cody VSC v1.16.7: Chat (tested with Claude 3 Haiku/Sonnet/Opus, GPT-3.5/4 Turbo, Mistral22b): XML rendering is inconsistent to the point that’s it’s broken. And it doesn’t seem limited to any given LLM (that is: it seems to be the XML itself and not obscure formatting glitches due to a model’s quirks)

Reproduce: New Opus chat, then copy/paste/submit: Please generate an example XML document.

Related/Perspective: ChatGPT has a very similar rendering problem. When I need XML from ChatGPT, I ask it to “wrap the XML in HTML tags”. It worked in my case on ChatGPT. It’s not a solution, but the workaround might help diagnose the issue. (It did not work in Cody chat; it actually worsened the rendering by nesting copy/insert/new file blocks.)

  • I recommend Opus/Sonnet to reproduce the bug because, for whatever reason, they seemed to fail with my prompt more consistently, making it easier to test (and, again: more context for the problem).

[Update: After chat generates an XML document, copy/paste/submit this to see more strange behavior: Now please render it as plaintext. This is interesting because the “conversion” to plaintext is server-side, so what exactly is it returning? When rendering, it behaves as though spitting out random control codes. It’s weird.]

[Update: If you ask for your XML “as a multiline, triple quoted Python string” then you can at least still copy/insert the XML and just remove the leading assignment and the trailing quotes.]

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Thank you @RoryBlyth for bringing this to our attention. I will make sure the product team sees this in the weekly community feedback report (going out today).

Do you have a GitHub issue created?