Chat response in Jetbrains insert tons of empty space inside code sections

See the scrollbar. I estimate the empty space to at least 100x the actual content.

It’s the code sections which contain the excess space.

WebStorm: 2023.3.2 (Build #WS-233.13135.92, built on December 19, 2023)
Cody: 5.5.8 (free account)
OS: Linux, Ubuntu, Gnome, X11

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Upgraded to WebStorm 2024.1.2 and it’s still happening.

Opening a chat from history display it without the excess space, but new responses contain the massive whitespace.

I’ve also tried enabling the “new” jetbrains UI, but the issue persists.

Hey @olejorgenb, thanks for sharing. The screenshot is perfect and helps us out.

I’m unable to replicate it on macOS/WebStorm, so it’s definitely a bug we need to fix on WebStorm for Linux.

I will make sure the product team sees this in the weekly community feedback report.

Hey @olejorgenb the issue is confirmed and will be worked on next week. There is no ETA for when it will be released.

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