Copy while generating answer

In gpt i copy parts of code or complete snippets while he writes the answer. in cody i can’t so i have to sometimes grab a cup of coffee until i can copy the code :slight_smile:

This was fixed in Cody for VS Code v1.20, released on May 31. Are you still seeing this problem? Can you please confirm you’ve upgraded to the latest and record a video if it’s still occurring?

still have this problem. using 1.20.1

How are you trying to copy? Are you trying to copy…

  • Non-code text
  • Code using Cmd/Ctrl+C
  • Code using the copy button

Here is a video of it working for me. Can you please send a video of what is not working for you?

all 3 ways :slight_smile:

here is a brief test:

( i can’t even select text while it’s producing answer)

Thank you very much for the video. I can repro on my macOS device (but did not see the issue on other devices, so I’ll confirm later tonight). PR with potential fix in fix inability to copy text in streaming chat response by sqs · Pull Request #4472 · sourcegraph/cody · GitHub.

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