How does the VsCode extension work regarding embeddings

Reading the FAQ section about embeddings, this sentence kind of confuses me:

Only users on VSCode will have continued access to local embeddings and only as a backup source to our local search index.

The rest of the FAQ and the other FAQ about how cody works imply that sourcegraph has to access my codebase. However, it is not clear as a free user (considering pro) if my code is uploaded to sourcegraph or not. I’m using Vs Code and the above quoted sentence implies my embeddings are local and also there is a local search index. So does this mean that this specific combination won’t use Sourcegraph?

In general, I found the documents to be really confusing when it comes to “what happens to my code?”. The docs explain how cody works but the statements are vague, so I’d really appreciate if someone could clarify what happens to my code when I use Cody with VsCode and how do I keep it private.

I’m really keen to try it out and go for a pro membership if it does what it says on the tin, but having a clear explanation of how my code is processed, stored etc is a prerequisite to that. I’m sure you’ll understand :slight_smile:

Indeed, Sourcegraph does not utilize your code to create embeddings; it operates entirely on your local machine.

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I really appreciate your patience with me @PriNova . In another thread you indicated that Sourcegraph needs a remote to be set for a git repo so that it can extract settings.

This seems to contradict that :slight_smile: Is it in the case of Vs Code things are different than?

This answer here is because of the generation of embeddings to use a remote GitHub. In the other thread it is in regards of user activities and events to collect metrics.