How to force Cody to "Learn"

I have been using ChatGPT-4 and Copilot prior to giving Cody a try. Both ChatGPT-4 and Copilot are HUGE piles of stinky poo. They hardly EVER give decent coding advice. Cody is only marginally better in that there are not as many bad answers as the other AI engines, but enough to make this programming pair almost useless… With that said, you can shame Cody into “learning” certain Github repos and its answers do get better, but the next time you start Visual Studio Code, it forgets everything it learned from previous sessions. This is a horrendous waste of time. If the tool is supposed to learn, where does it place its newfound knowledge? It should be stored locally otherwise we will be in a neverending movie like Groundhog Day or Fifty First Dates. I do not have time to waste on teaching your tool how to be a better AI pair programmer.

Is there a better way for me to see this knowledge sticks?

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Hey @mobynet1 just to sure, you have Enhanced Context enabled in VS Code?

Well, it would’ve been cool if you had given instructions on how to find this… Besides, what does this do? There are a handful of repos in GitHub that I always want Cody to use as context. Like I reported, I ask a question and Cody replies with bad suggestions. I then correct what it got wrong, it seems to learn from that, but then after VSC is restarted, it forgets all of the previous session’s learning. If that is what you mean, tell me how to do it and I will report how far it got me…

Cody operates on large language model (LLM) technology, which is stateless, meaning the model cannot learn independently. However, you can provide context from previous sessions by saving your work.

For instance, when initiating a new project and brainstorming features and core business logic, document these ideas in a file within your workspace. You can then reference this document using the @ mention feature, effectively giving Cody access to more information than before. Additionally, it’s crucial to utilize code documentation, as this will be incorporated into your subsequent interactions with Cody.

I hope this provides further clarification.