How to Sourcegraph font size increase?

Hey there!

I really want to increase sourcegraph code block font size.
It so small so I can’t use sourcegraph at all. I’ve found the service recently and so exited about this, but small font size makes it useless for me.
Can I change font size without any shady web extensions?


Edit: I just realized you might have been referring to Code Search, not Cody. If that is the case, can you provide a screenshot of what code block you are referring too?

Unfortunately, not at this time. I will make sure the product team sees this in the weekly community feedback report.

For now, here is a “workaround”:


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Hey @jdorfman, thanks for the answer!

You are absolutely right about the topic - it’s all about Code Search, sorry if I’ve selected the wrong tag or subforum.

So sad to hear that :frowning:

It’s a really useful feature we need. Magnification for a full page doesn’t solve the problem… well, I think I just should download the full repo and search through on. Or use 3-rd party browser extensions maybe…

Anyway, thanks for the answer, I’ll follow updates and hope one day the feature will come to Code Search!

Nope that was my bad. I created a Code Search category after this question :slight_smile: so THANK YOU!

I hear you, I will make sure the product team sees this. You shouldn’t need an extension for an accessibility feature. In the meantime hang in there while we figure out if we can make this happen.

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@wellmorq , I believe you should be able to use CMD plus + and - to increase and decrease the font size throughout the application.

If that does not work for you, could you provide a screenshot of where this behavior fails?

Sure, if I use cmd plus + (or in my case ctrl plus +) all text in my browser becomes huge and absolutely inconvenient.

Just look: default page

So, right now I use (that’s an web-based vscode fork, I suppose) and there is the possibility to increase font as an editor-based setting as in the default vscode. Cody’s vscode extension doesn’t work in web vscode, so I switched to sourcegraph and it’s working pretty well except for the font size problem…

and after magnification image

Ah, I see. We do not support that level of customization, but we’ll log this request.

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