No access to local files?


I use Cody for a PHP Symfony project from PhpStorm.

During use, I said in a prompt that Cody should be based on the code/structure of another file. Here I did not insert the code of the file but instead referred to this file via @Filename.

The response was that Cody does not have direct access to external files.

I do not understand that. I thought that this is exactly the advantage of Cody because it knows my local project and my local files.

Am I misunderstanding something or have I configured something wrong? In the chat context, the local project is activated and selected.


Thanks for tips and help.

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I was able to reproduce this bug, and reported in internal Slack.

Sorry about this!

Thanks for your feedback. In other cases it worked without any problems - even with the reference to 2 different local files. Unfortunately I don’t know why.