Cody ignores all files because of admin policy after reboots

The first time I start JetBrains after a reboot, all tabs are tagged “Cody ignores this file because of your admin policy.” There’s a “Learn more” link there; clicking on it takes me to a page about a Cody .ignore file:

This feature is currently in the Experimental stage and only supported with VS Code extension.

  1. I’m using JetBrains Goland, not VS Code.

  2. It’s a personal computer (Mac Mini 2023) running Sonoma 14.4.1.

  3. It disappears when I restart the IDE. It only appears the first time I start after rebooting the computer.

  4. This started happening with 5.5.8 and I’m currently using 5.5.9.


Hey @mdhender can you send over a screenshot?

First screenshot is JB IDE started after a reboot. Second is same IDE after restarting it, no reboot.

Additional context - this only happens when the IDE is open when I reboot and it opens at startup. If the IDE is closed when I reboot and I open it myself, I don’t get the admin policy banner.

Hey @mdhender got it. I am going to ask the team what is happening.

By chance have you ever logged in with an enterprise account or only Cody Pro?

I just got word it will be fixed in v5.5.10 and should be released this week.

Just Cody Pro.

Looking forward to v5.5.10. Thanks!

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I am having this exact issue

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I am having this issue as well today.

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Hi @vkoll29 @georgia-max

It will be fixed soon with v5.5.10 :slight_smile:

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Hey @mdhender @georgia-max @vkoll29

v5.5.10 is now available. Can you try it now?

Seems like 5.5.10 fixed this issue.

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