Seeing "Cody is disabled on this file" message with JetBrains plugin

I just upgraded to version 6.0.12 of the JetBrains plugin (using it with WebStorm, currently).

When I open pretty much any file, I see a pop-up with the following message:

This file has been restricted by an admin. Autocomplete, commands, and other Cody features are disabled.

When I click the “Learn about Context Filters” link, it appears that that is only for Cody Enterprise subscribers. I’m not even a pro :slight_smile: And I’ve done nothing to disable individual files (…as far as I know).

So, yeah, I’m on the free track, trying it out.

Any help appreciated… thanks!

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I noticed these messages, too (in Intellij IDEA), but I think not on every file. However, despite these messages, at least code completions were working just fine. I don’t know if they affect the chat as I’m mostly using completions as so far I haven’t really found a workflow where using the chat frequently would be useful.

Observed in 6.0.12-nightly

Same here on version 6.0.12.

Just updated to 6.0.14, lets see if it stops

I am seeing this on Pro for the latest 6.0.14 version too. I think I am going to cancel my subscription for cody if it is not fixed. If it can’t do it’s primary role, it is no good. Every other file I open, I see this message.