Pro User Rate Limit Issues: Report Them Here

@bitishak No worries! As long as you don’t spam or encounter a bug, you won’t get limited. If you think you’re not violating any rules listed in our AUP and still facing issues, please report it as a bug with logs and screenshots. A video would be helpful too! Feel free to open a ticket or email support at

@shnnha Hey ,

Could you share more details about the issue you’re experiencing? If you’re encountering specific errors, such as 400 or 403, or if you’ve hit limits on chats, autocomplete, or been limited to 1 chat per day, it would be really helpful to know.

Errors like 400 and 403 can often be resolved by a simple restart, similar to how sometimes ChatGPT can ask you to try again when it’s overwhelmed.

If you’re facing limits on chat or autocomplete, it might be due to our abuse mechanism kicking in, which is designed to flag content that might violate our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This system combines rules from our LLM (Large Language Model) and Sourcegraph. If you think this has happened by mistake, the best course of action is to reach out directly to, especially if you’re a Pro user since there’s dedicated support for you. Please include your username, email associated with your account, any relevant logs, screenshots, and if possible, a video.

Being limited to just 1 chat per day indicates a ban from our abuse mechanism, typically triggered by content in your last 20-40 chats/prompts. To expedite the investigation and potentially lift this ban, we highly recommend sending over as much documentation as possible, including logs, screenshots, and videos, along with your username and the email tied to your account.

Hope this helps, and we’re looking forward to assisting you further!

I encountered the “limits on chat” issue, but it seems to have been resolved earlier, so I might be able to continue now. Perhaps I can come back next time if I run into the problem again. In any case, thank you for your response.

Filled the forms, but I wrote Snell Derek

Form filled my username is Danuta Ko (kodanuta695-iknkj)

Form filled my username isSebina Koivuniemi (sebinakoivuniemi602-yupfg)

Form filled my username is Alex Faticuso (alexfaticuso417-oxvkl)

Form filled my username is Marlene Delhaise (delhaisemarlene883-umapi)

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Form sent…
Username: @9yiiut09-cvuzp

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Form filled my username is @langbach364

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I’ve had enough of this bullshit rate limiting. Every day, I code for two or three hours straight, and then it stops working. Since the initial feedback, this issue has never really been resolved. If you are unable to provide the promised service, please remove the word ‘Unlimited’ from the page at Cody Manage - Sourcegraph. Otherwise, this constitutes deceptive practices towards users.

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@FlatMapIO please email

Link to this and we will get this fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

cc @task_tamer let’s get @FlatMapIO fixed up.

I no longer need support because I was the first person to reply to this post. I have already communicated several times with the support engineer on Discord.
Before using Cody, I had been using Codeium for over a year. Yesterday, I went back to Codeium and checked my completion count, which was a total of 22,052 times. However, Cody can achieve 2,500 autocompletions in just a couple of hours and then stop working. I don’t want to waste any more time.

Hello, I was told to post my username here regarding the rate limit that’s been going on daily while using the pro subscription. Thanks in advance!


Did you already filled out the form in this first post here?

Hi there,

Yes I have, thank you. I have gotten a DM on Discord from one of your colleagues yesterday after I had already filled out the form and at that time the limit had already gone by again. As did now again, but it’s bound to be going to happen again tomorrow too. I would very much like to know what’s going on and why there is a limit even though I have explicitly paid for pro to be able to not have a limit. It always seems to stop right in the middle of my projects.

Here’s the conversation I was trying to have with your colleague, but he hasn’t responded to my latest messages yet.

Idk what he’s doing, busy taming his tasks or something haha. Anyhow, if possible, I would very much like this issue to be resolved in the future, as you can read above I have already been incredibly more mindful about my usage, but it just keeps happening like this.

Anyway, thanks again for your time.

I hope we’re able to find a solution for this and if you need any more info then please let me know!

Kind Regards,

Dave Mol

I have yet again hit this limit (Used Cody properly for the first time in a couple of weeks) , so filled out the form again and also emailed pro support. Honestly it’s getting frustrating that you guys say it’s Unlimited when it’s clearly not and I can’t find anything which clearly states what the actual limit is, which honestly you should be clearing stating what it is on the product page.

Cody user name is @Yusarina

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@Yusarina I will make sure you get taken care of. Talking to Jim.

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@damagex @Yusarina should be working now. Let me know if it persists.


@gpgs96-lvxpl I also hit the limit on the chat

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