Whole IDE periodically freeze while cody-agentXXXX and pycharm pegs 1+ core

This happens when I’m simply typing code, or text inside a docstring.

And I’ve tried to disable the automatic suggestions without any change. EDIT: Now I think it always happen when a completion is requested. But not every time it’s requested.

I’ve tried to disable a few of my other plugins without any change.

Having the “sidepanel” open or not make no change.

I have thread dumps from the freeze (PyCharm automatically dumps thread when the UI freeze), but this forum refuse to upload text files. It’s 3k lines so I’m reluctant to inline.

  • PyCharm 2024.1 (Professional Edition)
  • Build #PY-241.14494.241
  • Cody plugin: 5.5.5 (Free account)
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Hey @olejorgenb paste it here: Notebooks - Sourcegraph

don’t forget to click the blue button: Share → Public

(Pasted in one of the dumps in the notebook)

Can you share the link to the notebook?

Also please try upgrading to v5.5.8

Ah, doh. Sorry, for some reason I thought the link you posted was to an already created notebook :smiley:

Will try to upgrade later today. (I did not experience the freezes when trying in Webstorm yesterday (and then I got the 5.5.8 version), though I mostly used the chat then. And got another problem: Chat response in Jetbrains insert tons of empty space inside code sections)

All good!

LMK what happens after upgrading. Looking in our Slack the last mention of anything related to "AWT-EventQueue-0" was before the release. I will check the other issue out.

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Seems to work after upgrading! Interestingly I don’t get the empty space chatbug in PyCharm, so this might be something WebStorm specific :thinking: (or some weird plugin conflict I guess)

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